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“Nice camo, i guess it would only work at night though, right?”

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Simulation
Release Date: 12/APR/11
Emblem for ~P~ Clan

This image is affiliated with the group...

~P~ Clan

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umm how and also please post that LOL arty moment from last night
i tried, when i clicked browse to select the image it kept opening a stupid wrestling pop up
and i've lost it now, had to format hardrive and start over
yeah stupid link to wrestling - sometimes they do sponsored stuff and mess up site for bit. Shame you lost screenshot really wanted to see that oh well we just have to do another 5000 games for it to happen again ;)
ah that sucks and yea its a shame, i got this stupid virus that stopped me from doing anything, but all wiped and clean now so be back in battle tomorrow :p
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